Written by EVoting Communications / 03 de Noviembre del 2023

A successful process in Spain, which became the tenth country where EVoting technology arrives, happy customers in various sectors and new developments in EHolders, mark October for the leading company in electronic democracy.

There are only two months left for the end of the year and EVoting is still working towards globalization. October ended and left great processes in universities, unions, companies, federations, among other organizations.

EVoting arrived in Spain and is now in 10 countries

With a recent and successful assembly for the Spanish Federation of Associations of Amigos del Camino de Santiago (FEAACS), EVoting adds experiences in a dozen countries. After the process, the president of the organization highlighted the service provided.

“From a technical point of view, it was perfect. I think the work you do is perfect, great support, clear recommendations, it was maintained at all times. It was a very interesting experience, your work was very professional and I am happy with the result of the work we did with you,” said Jorge Martinez, at the end of the process.

With this process, Spain joins Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay as the countries where the leading company in electronic democracy is present.

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“An agile, fast and responsive platform”

The BTC Corporation Workers of the Safety Cooperative CChC (Chile), held its Ordinary General Assembly of Members with EVoting’s EAssemblies platform. Its President, Christian Gilchrist, referred to the experience with the service provided and the advantages of innovation.

“It was fast, efficient, with good support, there were no problems in that sense. I would say that it gave an adequate response to the requirements, to the expectations of the Cooperative or the Welfare Corporation regarding the process,” Gilchrist emphasized once the process was completed.

New features in EHolders and EAssemblies

Innovation continues to be one of the foundations of EVoting and, in order to improve the service to its clients, a series of improvements have been developed in the EHolders and EAssemblies service.

Integration of Zoom to the platform, new features in the accreditation of face-to-face processes, autonomy in the audiovisual area and new services to improve the customer experience, are part of this evolution.

Find out all the details in the article written by Laura González, Project Analyst of the company.

Universidad del Desarrollo reached 10 processes with EVoting

Since 2021, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) has relied on EVoting’s EUniversities platform to carry out its democratic processes, reaching ten on October 16.

Raúl Jara Guiñez, Head of the Leadership and Social Impact Pillar of the university, highlighted the increased participation and sustainability of this type of election mechanisms.

“We have had very clean, transparent and solid processes, where we have maintained an important participation. In addition, there is a sustainable approach. We stopped printing almost 15,000 votes and we stopped generating large paper lists, and so on. We realized that maybe the way was more ecological in that sense, and EVoting helped us with that”, mentioned Jara.