Written by EVoting Communications / 24 de Noviembre del 2023

The leading e-democracy company attended “Spain LATAM Scale Up“ and “Hangar 360“, where it was able to meet with key players in the country's entrepreneurship ecosystem.

During the last two weeks, EVoting toured Spain, where it was able to attend two important meetings of startups that seek to promote alliances and function as a port of entry to the country.

Spain LATAM Scale Up

From November 13 to 17, the second edition of the Spain LATAM Scale Up program was held, bringing together 17 Latin American startups, including EVoting, along with more than 40 key players in the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The program is an initiative of BID LAB, ICEX-Invest in Spain, and Endeavor. The general director of the latter, Antonio Iglesias, highlighted the importance of these alliances and meetings.

“For companies from Latin American markets, Spain should be a strategic market: on one hand, it is a gateway to Europe and, on the other, it is a country that is committed to developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and attracting the best international talent. The selected companies have a great potential to establish themselves in Europe, to become leaders in their sectors and, for this, the combined forces of ICEX, BID LAB and Endeavor is, without a doubt, the best opportunity to accelerate this process,” said Iglesias.

Hangar 360

After its participation in the Spain LATAM Scale Up program, EVoting attended the second edition of “Hangar 360, International Meeting of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Smart Cities: Chile Spain”, which is organized by the Chile-Spain Foundation and Zertior.

The event, which took place in Malaga from November 20 to 22, brought together more than 30 Chilean delegates and addressed various relevant topics in the current scenario, such as social impact, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Roberto Llovera, EVoting’s International KAM Coordinator, highlighted the importance of holding this type of event and positively valued the role it plays.

“They are the spark that ignites the entrepreneurial and technological revolution emerging from startups. In this event, we are immersed in an experience where the connection goes beyond listening to lectures or participating in workshops, it is an instance where startups intertwine with industry leaders, where we can learn how our ideas are transformed into products, services with tangible collaborations with different governmental or private entities,” said Llovera.

The event also revealed the city where the third edition of Hangar 360 will be held, which will take place in 2024, and the destination chosen is Valdivia, Chile.