Written by EVoting Communications / 29 de Diciembre del 2023

The arrival in the tenth country and in Europe, the Tech4Democracy Global award and the completion of 10 years since the first process with EVoting technology are some of the highlights of 2023.

The year has come to an end, and it is time to recap the most important moments of the last 12 months. Awards, important processes and milestones that mark the history of the company are some of the things that the year that has gone by left behind.

The most important award in the history of EVoting

In March 2023, EVoting won the global final of the Tech4Democracy award, an award that recognizes startups that strengthen democracy in the world and is promoted by IE University, the U.S. Department of State and Microsoft.

The award ceremony took place in Washington, D.C., and EVoting’s CEO, Mario Novoa, was in charge of receiving the recognition that accredits the company as a leader in e-democracy worldwide.

After receiving the award, Novoa said he was very proud to be part of a startup that contributes to the strengthening of democracy.

The numbers of the year

More than 500 processes during 2023 are evidence of EVoting’s great year. 372 votes, 147 meetings and assemblies, 238,443 votes received and 80 new clients are part of the figures of the year.

In addition, there were important milestones, such as the arrival in ten countries, the completion of 10 years since the first use of EVoting technology, exceeding 500 processes with EHolders and 400 with EUniversities at a historical level.

Process highlights and new services

Among the more than 500 processes that took place during 2023, there are some that are particularly relevant. In January, during the Caleuche Awards, nearly 22,000 people voted, doubling the participation of the previous edition. Citizen participation was also a protagonist, and during the year the EParticipation platform reached the regions of Biobío and La Araucanía, as well as communes such as La Reina and Pedro Aguirre Cerda. In addition, in October the first process was carried out in Spain, which meant the arrival of the company in Europe. With this milestone, EVoting technology is already in 10 countries around the world.

All this is in addition to the arrival of new services such as accreditation, voting instruction, proxy assignment or audiovisual production.